Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Supernatural Castle ~ How it all got started...

High in the hills of Massachusetts is a CASTLE. Built in 2005 out of mainly green, energy efficient materials, the CASTLE has a strange, both enticing and forbidding energy all its own. It has always been a hotbead of paranormal activity and in the last year that activity has increased exponentially.

The first paranormal event took place when two men were hired to help clear a small portion of the woods. They slept in an old trailer at the top of the land. The area is very remote, yet in the middle of the night the men heard someone...or something... pounding on the trailer door. The trailer shook from each blow and the men were scared to death. They eventually mustered up enough courage to look outside, but they saw nothing. At first light the men left and refused to return.

That report became the first of many, from unexplained sounds to unusual sightings. The CASTLE appears to be a doorway to the supernatural, and the perfect place for us to begin our experiments....
Stay tuned for so much more.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Supernatural Events at the Castle

Summer has officially arrived and paranormal events at the Castle are in high gear.  Photos of a glowing eyed Being showed up in the room last night as Helene and I had our Scole meeting.
Very wild and exciting. The Being didn't say anything - but then he didn't have to - his appearance was enough.
We're missing Becky, though.  She's battling Stage 4 cancer bravely.  Helene and I have been doing regular healings on her and offer prayer circles free to all - every other Thursday night. For more on that and visit www.supernaturalgirlz.com.
Last night during our Scole session our Spirit Team Leader Andrija showed up.  I saw him sitting by Becky's bedside patting her right hand and saying, "Come back to us Becky and join the party."
This morning Becky told me that she felt someone patting her hand twice!  Great confirmation that Andrija was truly visiting and the healing energy was hitting its mark.
Our Wednesday night radio show tomorrow night, (June 18th) will be all about the Angelic Realm.  So, for those of you wanting to know all the how to information be sure to tune in at 7:30 PM EST.
World famous Patricia Kirkman will be talking about Jim Beaver, a/k/a Bobby Singer from the hit show Supernatural.  What do the numbers have in store for him?
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