Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Supernatural Castle ~ More on the Vortex

Our listeners have been writing in asking all kinds of questions about the Vortex we reported last week.  The Vortex began appearing on camera in our last three Beyond Scole sessions.
The first time we saw it during a session the Vortex also delivered what we know as the Grim Reaper,
or Angel of Death.  It was not negative and nothing that alarmed us in anyway.  It was simply another energy that we encounter living here on Earth.

As our experiences with the Vortex progressed over the last few weeks we were able to feel more and more of its movement around us.  Helene and I both felt nauseous during the last session as the motion of the Vortex that surrounded each of us was so palpable we felt as if we were spinning through space and time.  The energy is now easy for both Helene and I to "call up"
and use.  Helene has been experimenting with Vortex energetic healing and I've been working with Vortex travel and communication.  For all you Dr. Who fans - it's like having your very own Tardis!

More on this next time.  And don't forget to tune in tonight to hear a scientist with a heart talk about your own inner light! 7:30 - 9:00 PM EST

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