Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Supernatural Castle ~ Bailey's Ghost!

Animals have extra sensory perception and there is no doubt of this at least in my mind.  They can hear, see and smell beyond our limited capabilities. AND they can also see ghosts.

When we first moved in, our Castle mascot Hermes sat in front of a portrait of a lady barking his head off.  When I spoke with animal communicator extraordinaire Lydia Hiby she told me that Hermes said he saw a lady waving at him standing next to the portrait and he told Lydia that the lady didn't belong there so he barked at her!

Castle mascot Gabriel turns his head toward the ceiling and watches Spirits and Angels drift in and out - everything and everyone of good and substantial Light for the most part. Occasionally a recently passed soul will drop in for a chat.  Its not unusual to see our neighbor, Doris, who died several years ago or even an extraterrestrial figure passing through.

Last week, however, there was a more sinister entity that decided to pay a visit.  It happened after our last show with Robbie & David, authors of Demon Street, USA.  Little Bailey is Megan's adorable new puppy and only 5 months old.  Bailey was taking a nap downstairs in the Castle when suddenly she popped up and started growling!  Megan had never heard her growl before - this was a first.  Megan grabbed her cell phone camera and took the video below.  You can see Bailey growling, barking and backing up twice.

Again we called Lydia and Lydia said Bailey described a black, filmy entity that appeared and walked through the house.  Bailey was very afraid and said that the entity did NOT have permission to be there but she didn't know what to do!

Helene, the Beyond Scole group and me cleansed the area and the entity has departed.

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