Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Supernatural Castle: Beyond Scole Preparation Begins...

We knew what our next step would be.  The portals were opening on the Castle property. Helene Olsen, Becky Andreasson and I followed the instructions of Robin Foy, lead investigator and Medium for the Scole Project in the U.K.

For those unfamiliar with this remarkable adventure into the unknown, you can watch The Afterlife Investigations here on YouTube:

The instructions called for a round table so I found an antique wooden table top and supported it with marble pillars.  From there the next essential piece of equipment was a glass bell jar raised above the table.  Next added was a bell suspended from a decorative piece high on the right side wall.

Becky suggested parchment paper, a quill pen and marbles on a dish.

I brought in crystals - some from Egypt and a piece of stone from one of the pyramids on the Yucatan.

Due to our diverse locations we opted to meet on Skype - not quite sure what that would add or subtract from our experience.

We were ready to welcome our spirit team from the other side, our spirit team leader, Andrija Puharich, MD and all of his additional hand picked team members.  Other side of the veil here we come...

Be sure to join us tonight on the air at 7:30 PM EST when Denise David Williams gives us the inside story on Harvard psychiatrist Dr. John Mack.  According to Dr. Mack Abductees are telling the truth!

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