Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Supernatural Castle ~ Beyond Scole Begins

Our gear was in place, our team on this side and the other side of the veil was ready to go.

Our first session began with Physical Medium, Becky Andreasson; Psychic Medium Helene Olsen; and me, with Andrija Puharich, M.D. as the leader of our Spirit Team.  

Andrija, when alive, was a medical doctor who boldly stepped where no one had gone before.  He became an avid researcher of the paranormal and investigated Uri Gellar, Peter Hurkos and many others powerful figures in the psychic world. Andrija was a well-known authority in the supernatural long before it became popular.  Andrija passed in 1995.  

Born in Chicago, Illinois, he was the son of poor Croatian immigrants. In 1947, Puharich graduated from the Northwestern University School of Medicine. His residency was completed at Permanente Hospital in California, where he specialized in Internal Medicine. Puharich was also a U.S. Army officer in the early 1950s. During that time, he was in and out of Edgewood Arsenal Research Laboratories and Fort Detrick, where he met with various high-ranking officers and officials from the Pentagon, CIA, and Naval Intelligence. Andrija wrote a biography about Uri Geller, (URI); and The Sacred Mushroom: Key to the Door of Eternity.

A true genius, Andrija had over 50 patents. His research included studying the influence of extremely low frequency ELF electromagnetic wave emissions on the mind, and he invented several devices allegedly blocking or converting ELF waves to prevent harm.

Puharich claimed he had investigated the effects of a low frequency radiation beam that the Soviet Union had been testing. According to Puharich the beam was based on the work of Nikola Tesla and could be used as a weapon to control people. He also claimed the beam was responsible for climatic disturbances, earthquakes, Legionnaires' disease and violent riots. Andrija divulged that Tesla was contacted several times by extraterrestrials.

One of the things Andrija truly enjoyed was when he played himself on Perry Mason, in the episode, "The Case of the Meddling Medium," in 1961. He conducted a series of three tests to help determine the ESP of Mason's client accused of murder. During the third test the actual murderer was exposed.

Andrija showed up for our very first session dressed in a dapper blue suit.

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