Monday, July 28, 2014

Supernatural Castle ~ The Face in the Woods

Why is it that the camera sees things the eye does not?
Walking down the driveway I snapped several photos of "the woods."
Nothing special, just fly drawn to snap some pictures because creatures have been known to show up!
There are many faeries, gnomes and earth spirits here as well as other things for which I have no name!  There has been one very consistent, beautiful and powerful Earth Guardian named Leeleleloo
that has visited us during our Scole sessions but she has yet to appear in the camera.

I definitely felt I was being watched on this particular day and when I got back to my computer to download the photos, this is what I saw.  This photo has not been enhanced.  The perfectly round globe with the face inside showed up and it gave me the chills!  I have taken many other photos on the property and the same face has shown up in different places.  This spot, however, seems to have a strong portal because it is often the source of the many strange, unexplained trail cam photos that we have collected over the years.

Here is the globe expanded - this was before the days of high pixels and HD - shot with an older camera.

I will continue to post more photos of the strange comings and goings here.  Never short on otherworldly visitors, that's for sure!
This week be sure to tune in to hear Nick Redfern talk about less than friendly UFO encounters.
Wednesday, 7:30 - 9:00 PM EST

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